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K Square 世嘉堡中心公寓

K Square Condos具体位置在2035 Kennedy Rd,

K Square Condos

Agincourt South-Malvern West K Square Condos is a New Condo development by Kingdom-Development

Scarborough occupies the eastern part of the City of Toronto. Because the city is favoured by new immigrants moving to the area, Scarborough is one of the most diverse regions in the country. Scarborough is also known for its commercial links with Canada’s economy and is home to the headquarters of Toyota Canada, AVIVA and the Yellow Pages Group. Yet the community is also known for its natural areas, including Rouge River and Highland Creek. This blend of nature and commerce is one of the reasons so many are now looking for new Pre construction condos for sale in North York. Kevin Zhao is your local real estate specialist and he can help you find your ideal Scarborough property.

Savings on Scarborough Condos in Prime Locations

With the VIP service offered by our team, we can help you find affordable pre-construction condos for sale across Scarborough neighbourhoods.. Our experts can guide you in finding that ideal new building as we have connections throughout the local Scarborough marketplace, and we can harness these connections with local builders and developers for VIP access to the newest and most sought-after properties. Before anyone else reviews the Scarborough marketplace, you’ll have access to quality properties in prime locations close to amenities. This ensures you gain the advantage in a highly competitive area.

Broad Range of Lending Options

Turning to our team can help you gain access to the ideal lending options. We work with lenders from across the industry to provide flexible borrowing opportunities to our clientele. Our work in this area of the marketplace has helped clients to buy properties to which they wouldn’t ordinarily have access with other brokers. We work to find solutions to complex lending challenges and have helped thousands in Canada and from around the world buy condos in the thriving area of Scarborough.

Direct Market Experience

When you have the level of experience provided by our team behind you, you’ll succeed in the local real estate industry. Our unparalleled level of service helps us save clients thousands of dollars through their purchasing process while ensuring they have access to the best pre-construction condos in the Scarborough marketplace.. Our experience also means that we can answer questions about some of the more complex areas of property buying. And we can work with buyers to ensure their documentation is completed effectively for a seamless purchase process with no delays.

Why Choose Your Condos in Scarborough?

It’s the outstanding service expected of one of the leading local Scarborough real estate brokers. To discover more on Kevin Zhao and the team working within our thriving company, take a few moments to call our offices directly. We’d be delighted to guide you on our portfolio and the buying opportunities available to you.


The typical condo in Scarborough costs $1050 per square foot when it is still under construction. The average cost of a resale condo right now is about $986,085. Pre-construction condos in Scarborough are expected to increase in value, so it would be wise to think about investing as soon as possible

The location, market trends, developer reputation, and individual investment goals are just a few of the factors that determine whether a Scarborough pre-construction condo is an appropriate investment or not.

In Scarborough, a developing neighborhood in Toronto, purchasing a pre-construction condo may present a fantastic opportunity for long-term capital gain, particularly if you choose to invest in a location with strong future growth potential. Additionally, pre-construction condominiums may cost less than existing units and allow for personalization and upgrades.

A pre-construction condo in Scarborough may require a different amount of down payment depending on the particular project and the developer’s policies. The customary pre-construction down payment schedule includes 4 equal payments of 5% of the unit price and a $5,000 signing fee.

The amount of time it takes to build a condo project in Scarborough depends on a number of variables, including the size of the building, the complexity of the design, the availability of building supplies, and the permitting procedure.

In general, it may take three to four years for your pre-construction condo to be finished, but by the time the condo assignment is finished, you will have amassed a sizable amount of equity!

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