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MCity 3 Condos

The New Mississauga starts here! M City Condos 3 M-City Tower 1 & 2 are sold out.

Erin Square Condos

Project Name Erin Square Condos Building Type Condominium Address 4677 Glen Erin Dr, Mississauga

Mississauga is one of the largest cities in Ontario, with a population of just over 700,000. In recent years, the city has achieved significant growth, largely due to its connections with Toronto and the new range of transportation hubs connecting the two cities. The city’s economy is experiencing rapid expansion, with 60 of the world’s top Fortune 500 companies now basing their Canadian and global head offices in Mississauga. This level of prosperity and expansion is part of the reason so many are now considering the purchase of a Mississauga condo. Kevin Zhao is now a local specialist offering local listings to clients from across Canada and around the globe.

Our Expertise

Clients from across Canada and around the world trust our team because we understand the challenges involved in buying properties within highly sought-after locations. We’re used to close competition within the GTA real estate marketplace and can harness the latest techniques to ensure our clients have access to their ideal properties. We can help to detail the latest pricing trends in the local Mississauga marketplace, ensuring our clients make prudent decisions based on the latest available information.

VIP Network Access

Few real estate brokers are able to offer the level of VIP service we can provide. This is perhaps why we’re one of the most noted brokerages within the local market today. Our VIP service means clients gain first-hand access to the latest buying opportunities. Clients will receive notice about new condos for sale in Mississauga before the information is available to the general public, and this ensures that local market buyers choosing Kevin Zhao as their broker find the perfect condo for their needs. VIPs are often able to reduce the price of the condo by thousands of dollars by entering the market alongside a specialist local broker. Now is the ideal time to make an investment!

Financing Options

Turning to a noted local leaders such as Kevin Zhao will provide you with a number of comprehensive financing options. We work with the top lenders across Canada to ensure that our clients choose the perfect loan option for their unique purchase needs. Through this process we can help buyers save thousands on their mortgage loan and make a more effective choice for their long-term finances.

Comprehensive Building Warranties

The building warranties available on the Mississauga condos within our selection are among the most comprehensive offered on the market today. We can help buyers protect the value of their investment in local properties by ensuring that warranties cover all elements of their building, from common areas to the private space. Our team is available around the clock to discuss warranty options and to help you to safeguard the money placed within local properties.
Our trusted experts are here to guide you in choosing the perfect Mississauga condo. To learn more about our listings and the latest options, call today!

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