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With a population of over 350,000, Etobicoke is a highly diverse community found in the western end of Toronto. In recent years, the district of Etobicoke has grown considerably as greater transit options bring people from across Toronto and Mississauga to the area for work. Neighbourhoods within Etobicoke include Lakeshore, North Etobicoke and Central Etobicoke. One promising economic area for Etobicoke is construction, with the real estate market booming in recent years as new condo projects are developed throughout the district. To gain access to the most exclusive buildings within Etobicoke, it’s critical to work with a local real estate expert. That’s why so many clients now choose Kevin Zhao.

Driven, Experienced

As one of the more experienced local Etobicoke real estate experts, Kevin Zhao has helped hundreds of buyers find their ideal properties in thriving areas throughout the region. He works by finding out exactly what type of property the client needs and then uses his knowledge of the local region and of local real estate projects to connect clients with suitable buying options. His drive makes Kevin Zhao one of the foremost real estate brokers currently serving the Etobicoke marketplace.

VIP Programs

Choosing Kevin Zhao helps buyers ensure they can access to the latest and best properties that the market has to offer. Kevin’s connection with the local real estate marketplace means his clients are invited to exclusive events for pre-construction builds across the region. He can help his clients access buildings that haven’t been opened to the general public and ensure that they save thousands of dollars on their purchase price. It’s this work that has helped many clients find exclusive Etobicoke waterfront condos in some of the best buildings across the area.

Lender Guidance

As one of the foremost brokers within the Etobicoke real estate market, Kevin Zhao has been able to help his clients consolidate their costs considerably by working with the market’s leading lenders. While other lenders might have difficulty financing a complex deal for certain clients, Kevin Zhao works with lenders that thrive in resolving difficult financing issues. The deals he’s helped to complete in his work as a broker ensure discerning clients find the ideal property they need at a comfortable price-point. Our staff are with you every step of the way.


When you require a specialist to guide you in making an effective decision about your property needs, our team is here and available around the clock. We thrive on offering direct communication on the buying process and on helping buyers understand all the elements involved. We also work with partners across the market to help clients complete documentation and make sure their deal is completed according to the best practices within the industry. It’s a service that brings us in close partnership with each client.

Our team is here to help you save on the latest condos for sale in Etobicoke. To learn more about our services and the full range of available properties, call us today!

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